Mission of 2018

I am sorry to inform of you that title above.

This year, we add up mission to “under mission” in which you can act as well as you do in the mission.

1)Mission title 2017:

[1]”Game programming on kokutsu”==only on HTTT///@

About the tile above, you will have to specify on with the “problem-solving” “current-affair” “perfomancive” “against the risk”, and more


[2]”Thailand research”==offlined;()/??/

[3]”Fundwrap on Kokutsu”==>?WRXU/?==kokutt/?==tsullm/?/?==\///?==$/;///?

About the title above, you can select the three task option onto the one:

a)for executive:stock

b)for manager and leader:currency

c)none of the items above:service

You will have to do task with your sent wrap to depositate into your own content, withdrawing out for the bucket.


3)previous mission retry :non-available

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