Keio SFC and Stanford University

Keio SFC is eager to associate with Stanford University due to be common in Interdisciplinary education system.

The strongpoint of Stanford is that their temparament is based on liberalism to educate entrepreneurships by venture capital fundings.

The speech speed of lecturers are wholly fast, so almost all of Japanese can’t understand what they say as far as you as Japanese have to study somthing all day.

The human diversity data indicates that almost 20% of all students are Asia-pacific, but most of people are Chinese, I believe.

Some Chinese are so interested in IT professional, that they are eager to enroll Stanford to seek for Venture capitalists.

In Stanford, there are so many students who are exploring for the start-ups to get independent in the future. That shows they dislike giants not to be dependent on corporate traditional culture or brands.

The same thing is true of Keio SFC.

The most excellent students in Keio SFC are appeared to seek for mentor because of fund-raising. If not successful, they are likely to go abroad. But Stanford-based venture capitals are strict to choose candidates in terms of their belonged institute.

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