This is Stumble Upon application in which you will be able to post something just as news feed within 140 characters.

Viewing this site, there are the single thumbnail per one posted link.

This application is shared with Twitter and facebook.

In addition, Stumble Upon has its sidebar for you to download and install one so that you can communicate your firends.

Stumble Upon is the Intergrated site between SNS and Social bookmarking.

Japanese people, however brilliant they are, dislike to open thier own account. That is just because it does not offer Japanese setting page.

Anyway, there must be the rediculed finding compared with Koreans.

That reasons for the fact Japanese major firms employees have the tendency to take TOEIC IP test rather than public one, which has no longer been appreciated as an International elite.

We must recognize Japan is the least competitive nation among the world under the poor English education system. Whatever officials reform the education, there will be little of efficiency. To reform in English education is not children but adulty.

Thank you for your more efforts.

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